Live bookmark app
Created by Osiris

Do you often find yourself going back to the same internet sites to check content?

Would you like to have all of this content available in the same place, with live updates and downloads?

Do you want to control your content, with options to edit, archive and share with others?

If so, sign up for a Pathfinder account. Pathfinder integrates seamlessly with your favourite browser, extending your control over any type of content on the Internet.

Open a web page and launch Pathfinder with a single click to tag and bookmark your content. Monitor the content without ever visiting the site again.

It's that simple - just visit your target site once, point and click, and Pathfinder retrieves your content automatically, until you tell it to stop.

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If you'd like to know more about how Pathfinder came to be, what it can do now and where we're hoping to go, check out our blog.